New Legal English Book: “Practical English Language Skills for Lawyers”

Post by Stephen Horowitz, Professor of Legal English

I had a great time yesterday moderating the well-attended pre-book launch webinar for a new legal English book published by Routledge titled Practical English Language Skills for Lawyers by co-authors Natasha Costello and Louise Kulbicki, both UK-trained, Europe-based legal English professionals who are active members of EULETA and widely respected in the field.

I also was fortunate to be one of the reviewers for the book and had an opportunity to see how well they incorporate authentic materials and tasks as well as highlight differences in British and American legal English throughout.

Listen to the recording of the webinar below to learn more about the book and get a sneak peak as well as hear the questions from attendees .

Here’s a brief description of the book:

“This book shows non-native, English speaking lawyers how to apply their English language skills to everyday legal situations and contexts, providing essential guidance to ensure they can work confidently in different settings and mediums.

Including activities based on real-life scenarios, the book will allow lawyers and law students to practise their English in key areas of working life, from networking and client meetings, to telephone and conference calls, contract drafting and contract negotiations, presentations and using social media. Written by two highly experienced legal English language tutors, both former legal professionals, it also features online support material that includes listening exercises to complement those based on writing and reading comprehension.”

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